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California Wildfire Lawsuit – Butte County Paradise Fire

Have you or someone you know been affected by the recent California wildfires? A California wildfires lawsuit can help you recover compensation for some of your losses.

Investigations are underway to determine whether PG&E power lines and equipment caused the Paradise fire and other wildfires throughout California.

As of November 21, the death toll in the 2018 California wildfires stands at 84. There are nearly 900 missing persons linked to the wildfires. More than 12,600 homes and nearly 500 businesses have been lost.

We want to speak to you if:

  • You lost your business…
  • Were injured…
  • Lost a loved one…
  • Lost your home or other personal property…
  • Suffered any other damages…

…as a result of the recent wildfires in California.

As a victim of the California wildfires, you could be entitled to compensation related to medical bills, personal or business losses, pain and suffering, and more.

Keep in mind, the Statute of Limitations can affect your case and whether or not you are eligible for compensation. You only have a limited time to act now that the wildfires are contained.

We’ll help you assess your case and determine your next best step.

Should I File a California Wildfire Lawsuit?

Thousands of people lost their homes and businesses in the recent California wildfires.

Many incurred expenses because they had to evacuate and find alternative shelter for weeks.

Others were injured and unfortunately, some of these injuries proved fatal.

Filing a California wildfire lawsuit can allow you to recover compensation to help you with a variety of losses, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost property
  • Destroyed personal belongings
  • Cost of evacuation and temporary housing
  • Loss of income
  • Emotional strain experienced because of the wildfires

We can assess your circumstances and help you determine if you have a lawsuit.

Did the Paradise Fire or Other California Wildfires Affect You or Your Loved Ones?

The recent wildfires in California are some of the worst in modern history. The Camp Fire is the worst in state history.

Hundreds of thousands of acres of land were burned and thousands of homes and businesses were lost as a result of the fires that took weeks to contain.

Anyone who suffered losses due to these wildfires could be entitled to compensation for their damages.

Did you or a loved one:

  • Experience any injuries?
  • Lose your home or any adjacent structures?
  • Lose personal property?
  • Lose a business?
  • Lose of agricultural property and products?
  • Suffer any income losses

Did you lose a loved one in the recent wildfires? You might be eligible for compensation.

Contact us to discuss your case and learn what you can do next.

Compensation Might Be Available for Victims of the Recent California Wildfires

If you were injured or you’ve lost a family member because of the wildfires, you have legal rights and should speak to an attorney about representation.

Our firm provides free consultations for victims of the California wildfires. Case evaluations are free and you pay nothing unless your case is won.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been affected by the recent wildfires in Paradise California. Many of them are still missing. People have been injured, lost their homes, lost their businesses, and been forced to uproot their lives for weeks because of the wildfires.

Rebuilding a life after a disaster like this is one of the greatest challenges a person can face. We want to help.

Investigations are underway into PG&E and their equipment and electric lines. As was the case in recent years, there is evidence PG&E equipment may have caused the recent fires that destroyed Paradise and spread throughout Butte County. Those affected by these wildfires could be eligible for compensation and PG&E could be held responsible for their negligence.

To learn more or to discuss your case with the Paradise or other California wildfire, contact Seeger Weiss for more information.

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