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Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone therapy is commonly prescribed to men, especially as they grow older. And while many of these products have the FDA’s stamp of approval, men have experienced a variety of adverse reactions, some of them serious, after using testosterone enhancing products.

Men are prescribed testosterone replacement therapy or androgen replacement therapy for a variety of medical issues. The FDA approved these products for men with associated medical conditions, but many doctors prescribe the medications to men with naturally and normally decreasing testosterone levels. It’s believed that many of the men given these medications are not even given blood tests to determine if their testosterone level is within the normal range.

Aggressive Marketing Leads to More Prescriptions of Testosterone Therapy

Many testosterone therapy manufacturers use direct-to-consumer marketing. This means men see advertisements for the benefits of the drugs and can approach their doctors about using them.

Some believe this type of aggressive advertising promotes the excessive and inappropriate use of drugs, which increase the likelihood of more dangerous side effects.

Testosterone therapy, when used appropriately, can provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced libido
  • Improved mood and mental ability
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Higher production of red blood cells
  • Increased bone density

Unfortunately, many of the men prescribed testosterone therapy were not experiencing abnormal decreases. They did not require supplementation, and in some cases, they experienced negative side effects after using the products.

If you or a loved one’s medical issues were related to testosterone therapy, Seeger Weiss wants to know about it.

Testosterone Products Trigger Serious Side Effects

Were you prescribed any of the following…

  • Testosterone gels that you applied to your skin?
  • Transdermal patches applied to your skin?
  • Subcutaneous pellets inserted under your skin?
  • Buccal systems attached to your gum or cheek?
  • Injections?

You could be eligible for financial compensation if you or a loved one experienced negative side effects after using these products.

Though testosterone therapy can be beneficial for some men, many experience negative effects when using these products. For instance, several studies have shown that men using testosterone therapy experienced an increased risk for cardiovascular events, including stroke, heart attack, and death.

There is also evidence that men who already have heart health problems experience an even greater risk.

One observational study that included male US veterans older than 65 showed a two-fold increase in the risk of having a heart attack when using testosterone therapy.

As a result of the growing evidence, many medical experts are warning that only men with medically diagnosed hypogonadism should be using testosterone therapy.

In addition to the risk for heart attacks, there is also evidence that testosterone therapy increases the risk for venous blood clots. Concerns are severe enough that the FDA now requires testosterone manufacturers to include a general warning on the labels of their testosterone products.

Men Unnecessarily Prescribed Testosterone Therapy

One of the most serious concerns about testosterone therapy, especially in light of the known risks, is the over-prescription of these products.

There is a debate within the medical community over what actually constitutes a low level of testosterone, especially for older men. Others are concerned that symptoms patients report to their doctors that often result in a diagnosis of low testosterone could actually be associated with other medical problems.

There have been no official FDA recalls concerning testosterone therapy. Some individual manufacturer recalls have occurred, including several from compounding pharmacies that issued batches of the products.

Despite no sweeping action concerning testosterone, there are numerous cases of adverse events and many who have used these drugs and suffered are taking action.

If you or a loved one experienced negative side effects after using a testosterone therapy product or supplement, we can help. Contact Seeger Weiss to learn more about your rights and whether or not you qualify for financial compensation because of your situation.

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