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We Can Help You Determine Which Type of Lawsuit is the Best Option for You.

What’s the Difference Between Class Action and Multidistrict Litigation?

Most lawsuits that arise from problems with pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices fall into one of two categories: multidistrict litigation (MDL) or class action.

What’s the Difference?

First, it’s important to understand some of the similarities and benefits. Both MDL and class action lawsuits simplify the legal process. They make it easier and faster for victims to recover the compensation they deserve. Instead of years in the court system, settlements and verdicts can be reached in the most efficient manner possible – sometimes in a matter of weeks.

The difference between MDL and class action is in the number of lawsuits. MDL is a group of lawsuits with the same defendant combined under one court. A class action lawsuit is a single lawsuit with multiple plaintiffs in a single court.

Plaintiffs in MDL each receive individual settlements or verdicts based on their specific injuries, though the initial trials often set the tone. Class action lawsuits, which are optional for those injured, end in a single verdict and the compensation is divided among the class members.

MDL and class action both improve efficiency in the court system and help victims get the money they deserve.

Court System Burdened by Lawsuits against Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies

Each year, there are more than 1.5 million people injured by dangerous drugs and defective medical devices. Many of the people injured or made ill experience similar side effects and complications.

When thousands of consumers bring lawsuits against the makers of these drugs and devices, it overwhelms the court system. It could take decades to resolve all of these cases – especially when the manufacturers have no intention of remedying the matter.

Every year pharmaceutical companies pay out billions of dollars in multidistrict litigation and class action settlements.

Both class action lawsuits and MDL give people who are injured the opportunity to take legal action, even if they lack the financial resource to do so individually. Nobody should be forced to suffer from an injury or illness because they cannot afford to file a lawsuit. Seeger Weiss can help you determine whether you have the option of joining a class action or if there is currently MDL underway that applies to your situation.

Every year, millions of dollars go unclaimed because people do not realize they have legal options. Our goal is to inform and to help those who have been injured by products they thought were safe.

Do not assume you cannot afford to take legal action. We can help you determine the best path to the compensation you deserve.

Know Your Legal Rights

Pharmaceutical lawsuits can be complicated. They require testimony from medical experts and extensive research and investigation. To gain access to the compensation you deserve, it’s imperative you have a legal expert on your side.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a faulty medical device or dangerous drug, we can help.

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