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johnson and johnson baby powder

by CSG Team

Johnson & Johnson Announces It’s Pulling Its Popular Baby Powder from US and Canadian Markets amid Growing Cancer Concern

After years of controversy over its popular baby and adult hygiene products, Johnson & Johnson announced it will stop all US and Canadian sales of its famous baby powder product. According to the company, the decision comes as a result of decreasing demand caused by “misinformation” about the product’s safety. The product has been a […]

concept of isolation and quarantine of cruise ship

by CSG Team

Popular Cruise Ship Line Facing Legal Action over COVID-19 Deaths

Legal claims have been filed against Princess Cruise Lines after passengers died of COVID-19 while onboard the company’s ships. According to the claims, the popular cruise line was negligent and mishandled notifying passengers that certain passengers and crew had been exposed to the virus. Legal experts say it could be difficult for passengers to prove […]

by CSG Team

Jimmy John’s Facing Accusations of Serving Tainted Vegetables

The FDA has issued a warning letter to Jimmy John’s claiming the sandwich shop served produce implicated in five outbreaks of salmonella or E. coli in the last seven years. According to the FDA, Jimmy John’s engaged in a pattern of receiving and selling cucumbers, clover sprouts, and other fresh produce that was believed to […]

by CSG Team

Consumer Safety Advocates Urge Warning for Dollar Tree Doll

Consumer safety advocates from the New York Department of State’s Division of Consumer Protection are demanding there be a public warning for a doll sold this holiday season at Dollar Tree stores. According to the agency, the Fashion Doll tested positive for phthalate levels more than 200 times what can be in products sold to […]

by CSG Team

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Recall

Johnson & Johnson recently recalled 33,000 bottles of its baby powder after the FDA determined one bottle contained asbestos. The recall comes after years of claiming its products are asbestos-free and safe for consumers to use without risk of exposure to dangerous carcinogens. This is the first time the company has removed baby powder from […]

by CSG Team

Vaping Risk Continues to Rise

Vaping, still considered a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, has caused nearly 1300 lung illnesses since June 2019. Twenty-six of these cases have proven fatal. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just released the latest numbers associated with vaping incidents, which includes data from 49 states, as well as Washington DC and the US […]

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