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Apple Focused on Performance after iPhone Slowdown Fiasco

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Apple Focused on Performance after iPhone Slowdown Fiasco

Apple announced its iOS 12 will make every iPhone – even older ones dating back to iPhones 5s – noticeably faster. This announcement comes after months of dealing with problems related to iPhone performance, and a great deal of negative publicity regarding the company’s alleged intentional slowdown of old phones.

According to Craig Federighi, the company’s senior vice president of software engineering, Apple is “doubling down” on performance with the iOS 12. He claims phones will be faster and smoother no matter what they’re doing, whether it’s swiping to open the camera or launching an app.

The latest announcement claims apps will launch 40 percent faster and the keyboard will come up 50 percent faster, at least on an iPhone 6 Plus that was running iOS 11.4.

Apple Trying to Get Back into the Good Graces of Consumers

The news that speed and performance were top priorities for the company come after months of battling bad press and legal action.

In December 2017, the company confirmed the performance of some of its older iPhones was slowed by a fix intended to prevent shut down issues. The admission came shortly after a discussion among iPhone users was held on in December and the founder of Primate Labs analyzed data and determined that iPhone processors slowed down following the system update and that the problem was widespread and likely to get worse as phones got older.

Apple initially denied the problem and then acknowledged it they knew about the issue but were not guilty of any intentional wrongdoing.

iPhone Price Dropping

Performance is not the only measure Apple is taking to deal with the bad PR from its performance debacle.

After sales were stagnant for the iPhone X in 2017, the new iPhone release is supposed to be available in two different models with a lower price – possibly between $700 and $900. The original iPhone X cost $1000. The newer lower priced model will still have a 5.8 inch OLED screen, while the $1000 model will upgrade the screen to 6.5 inches.

Despite the goodwill measures, Apple is facing a number of class action lawsuits related to the performance issues from earlier in the year. Claims have been filed in several states against the company for denying its software updates slowed down older phones and creating a situation in which iPhone owners thought they had to upgrade their phones – instead of spending less on a replacement battery.

The company is facing fraud accusations related to concealment and unfair business practices, as well as breach of contract. Lawsuits include accusations of meddling with the iPhone speed without getting owner consent, fraud, false advertising, and unjust enrichment.

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