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elderly woman

by CSG Team

New Study Shows Woman and Elderly Face Higher Risk for Prescription Drug Interaction

Many people take more than one prescription drug, but a recent study showed that drug interaction could be more harmful than anticipated, especially for female and elderly patients. According to the study, conducted by Indiana University researchers, women and elderly patients 55 and older taking multiple prescription medications have a significantly higher risk of being […]

Bayer logo

by CSG Team

Bayer Denies Offer to Settle Roundup Cancer Cases

Bayer AG is denying that the company has offered a settlement to those claiming that their use of the company’s Roundup Weed Killer caused them to develop cancer. The denial of the $8 billion settlement was discussed in an email sent recently by Ken Feinberg, the mediator overseeing negotiations, to the media. According to Feinberg, […]

Candida auris

by CSG Team

Candida Auris Could Be First Disease Due to Climate Change

Scientists are concerned about a drug-resistant fungus that has arisen and could put people in danger. The fungus, Candida auris, has atypical behavior for a fungus and has shown unusually high tolerance to heat. According to scientists studying the fungus, global warming is partially responsible for its recurrence. Most at risk are people who are […]

by CSG Team

Safety Alert Issued after Front-loading Washing Machine Fatalities

Consumer safety experts are urging parents to use extra caution with their front-loading washing machines after a three-year-old Orlando, Florida boy died trapped inside of the machine in his home. According to police, the boy died from lack of oxygen while inside of the washer. According to Cory Burkharth, public information officer for the Orlando […]

by CSG Team

JUUL Chemical Dangerous, According to Scientists

The safety of e-cigarettes, especially the JUUL brand, has been called into question since they hit the market several years ago. Now, scientists are calling the chemicals used in the devices “potentially dangerous.” The announcement comes as the FDA faces an upcoming deadline to keep e-cigarettes on the market. The warning from scientists extends to […]

x-ray of a hip replacement

by CSG Team

Tens of Thousands of Hip Replacement Lawsuits Expected to Settle

Hip replacement devices are intended to restore mobility and eliminate pain, but many people who receive these devices experience increased suffering instead of relief. Claims against Johnson &Johnson and DePuy, two of the most popular hip replacement device manufacturers, and many other device manufacturers have resulted in significant settlements for those who have been negatively […]

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