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by CSG Team

JUUL Chemical Dangerous, According to Scientists

The safety of e-cigarettes, especially the JUUL brand, has been called into question since they hit the market several years ago. Now, scientists are calling the chemicals used in the devices “potentially dangerous.” The announcement comes as the FDA faces an upcoming deadline to keep e-cigarettes on the market. The warning from scientists extends to […]

x-ray of a hip replacement

by CSG Team

Tens of Thousands of Hip Replacement Lawsuits Expected to Settle

Hip replacement devices are intended to restore mobility and eliminate pain, but many people who receive these devices experience increased suffering instead of relief. Claims against Johnson &Johnson and DePuy, two of the most popular hip replacement device manufacturers, and many other device manufacturers have resulted in significant settlements for those who have been negatively […]


by CSG Team

Veterans File Lawsuit Alleging Hearing Loss Caused by 3M for Earplugs

A class action lawsuit filed against 3M by military members alleges faulty earplugs designed by the company caused hearing loss for many user. Those affected are seeking damages including medical expenses and back pay. In addition to their loss of hearing, veterans also experienced mental anguish, physical pain, and other issues as a result of […]

man using hoverboard

by CSG Team

Hoverboard Fire Lawsuit Moves Forward

The 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that a Tennessee family’s lawsuit claiming their home burned down because of a faulty hoverboard can move forward. The lawsuit, filed against online retail giant Amazon, claims the company knew there was a risk for explosion and fire because of complaints about the device, but continued […]

by CSG Team

Recall Issued for Perdue Chicken Products Due to Contamination

More than 31,000 pounds of Perdue frozen chicken products have been recalled after reports of consumers finding “extraneous materials” in the meat. At least one person reported finding a bone in their nugget. According to a report issued by the US Department of Agriculture, there were signs of contamination found after Perdue and the Food […]

Mattel Corporate Headquarters Building

by CSG Team

Fisher-Price Faces Legal Action after Rock ‘n Play Sleeper Harms Babies

Lawsuits have been filed against the brand Fisher-Price and its owner Mattel after babies died while using the company’s Rock ‘n Play baby sleeper. The sleeper, introduced in 2009, claimed to help babies get to sleep easily. Unfortunately, the company failed to perform medical tests on the sleeper before making it available to consumers and […]

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