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Car Mechanic Examining Brake Disc

by CSG Team

Safety Group Calls on Feds to Investigate Unintended Braking Incidents in Nissan SUVs

Nissan recently announced its “field actions” concerning a software update that is supposed to improve the performance of its automated braking system. The update comes following a petition filed by the Center for Auto Safety that called for an investigation into claims that certain Nissan SVUs had a defect in their auto emergency braking systems.

by CSG Team

Lawsuit Filed against Hormel Company Claims “Natural” Meat is Not What Consumers Believe

The Hormel food company recently won its request to have a lawsuit filed against it dismissed. However, the dismissal did not come before any damage was done. As a result of the lawsuit, consumers are now fully aware of what Hormel products contain and what they believed to be “all natural” are anything but.


by CSG Team

Drug Maker Charged with Fraud

British drugmaker Indivior has been charged with felony fraud and conspiracy after marketing its opioid product as “less prone to abuse.” The allegations against the company included its drug Suboxone.

Product Recall

by CSG Team

Baby Product Manufacturers Avoid Product Recalls

The Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission has sided again with manufacturers concerning the regulation of reportedly dangerous products.

Boeing airplane

by CSG Team

Lawsuit Filed by Family of 737 Crash Victim

report credit score

by CSG Team

Some Experian Customers Awarded Two Free years of Creditor Monitoring as Part of Lawsuit Settlement

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