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Erb's palsy

by CSG Team

What New Parents Need to Know about Erb’s Palsy

Erb’s palsy, also known as Erb-Duchenne palsy effects babies who are injured during childbirth. It is an avoidable condition and is caused by medical malpractice.

Babies are born every day without incident, but there are also instances in which a baby is injured during birth because of the negligence of the doctor or other medical professionals involved.

ppi lawsuit

by CSG Team

Manufacturers of PPI Drugs Prilosec and Nexium and Others Headed to Trial

Bellwether trials are scheduled to begin in May 2020 regarding accusations that PPI medications caused unexpected medical complications for users.

There are more than 4500 proton pump inhibitor (PPI) medication lawsuits in progress at the moment and include popular name brand drugs such as Nexium, Prilosec, Prevacid, and Protonix.

by CSG Team

Volkswagen Faces Billion Dollar+ Fine for Cheating on Emissions Tests

Volkswagen will pay a $1.2 billion fine for cheating on engine emissions testing. The decision was recently announced by the company and German public prosecutors. Both sides are hoping to put the scandal to rest with the settlement.

Volkswagen’s actions had a serious impact on the automobile industry and significantly impacted the sale of diesel engine vehicles.

intel chip lawsuit

by CSG Team

Intel Issues Security Patch to Deal with Flaw Ongoing Problems

It was revealed in January 2018 that Intel CPUs featured a serious security flaw that affected the majority of devices on the market. Now, a new security risk related to the original flaw has prompted Intel to offer consumers the choice of turning on its chips or leaving them off.

The original problem affected every modern CPU using designed with a feature intended to increase speed was at risk for falling victim to Spectre bug.

iphone lawsuit

by CSG Team

Apple Focused on Performance after iPhone Slowdown Fiasco

Apple announced its iOS 12 will make every iPhone – even older ones dating back to iPhones 5s – noticeably faster. This announcement comes after months of dealing with problems related to iPhone performance, and a great deal of negative publicity regarding the company’s alleged intentional slowdown of old phones.

According to Craig Federighi, the company’s senior vice president of software engineering, Apple is “doubling down” on performance with the iOS 12. He claims phones will be faster and smoother no matter what they’re doing, whether it’s swiping to open the camera or launching an app.

weyerhaeuser TJI Joist Lawsuit

by CSG Team

Weyerhauser Issues Notification about TJI Joists with “Flak Jacket” Coating

Weyerhauser issued a warning to homeowners living concerning the risks of living in homes built with the company’s TJI Joists with Flak Jacket Protection. Many families have been forced into temporary housing because of the problem.

The coating on the joists contains formaldehyde that releases dangerous chemicals into the homes and puts homeowners at risk for health complications, including nosebleeds, scratchy eyes, coughing, and sort throat. Long-term exposure increases risk for cancer.

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