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by CSG Team

Employers that Fail to Notify Employees of COBRA Benefits Could Face Legal Action

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, usually referred to as COBRA, established that companies of a certain size must offer employees and qualifying family members continued health insurance coverage if they lose coverage due to certain events.

For instance, if a person is laid off from his or her job, COBRA benefits must be extended to that individual.

by CSG Team

Panel Recommends FDA Evaluate Vaginal Mesh Based on Updated Criteria

Vaginal mesh has been causing problems for patients for some time now. Recently, a panel provided the FDA with suggestions for assessing the safety and efficacy of this commonly used medical product.

According to the panel, evaluations of surgical mesh products should focus on several factors. There are only three vaginal mesh products on the market today, including Coloplast’s Restorelle DiretFix Anterior, and Boston Scientific’s Uphold Lite and Xenform.

by CSG Team

Uber Drivers Seek Compensation and Reclassification as Employees

Uber Technologies faces ongoing legal action linked to a number of issues. As a result, the company has been forced to pay millions of dollars in settlements to drivers and consumers.

In January 2017, Uber was ordered to pay $20 million to drivers after the company was accused of misclassifying them as independent contractors and paying them less than they’d promised.

by CSG Team

Klumpke’s Palsy and Other Birth Injuries Trigger Legal Action

Klumpke’s palsy occurs when damage is done to the brachial plexus nerve. This is the nerve that runs through the shoulder and neck and when injured, can cause weakness or paralysis in the hand and/or forearm. These injuries often occur during delivery and birth.

Approximately one out of every 2000 births in the United States include a delivery complication that results in Klumpke’s palsy. Most frequently, the injury connected to Klumpke’s palsy is shoulder dystocia which happens when there is excessive pulling on the head or shoulders.


by CSG Team

Ransomware Attacks on the Rise

Ransomware attacks are perpetrated by criminals intending to steal sensitive consumer information. These attacks cause serious problems, including interrupting the daily operations of the targeted company and putting their clients and customers at risk.

Though nothing is full-proof, businesses and organizations are responsible for doing everything possible to protect sensitive information and prevent ransomware attacks. If you are a victim of a ransomware attack that resulted in financial loss, the business or organization that was the subject of the attack could be held accountable.

MRI machine

by CSG Team

Contrast Dyes and Gadolinium: What Patients Need to Know before Undergoing MRI and CT Scans

MRI scans are a common procedure in the medical world. For many, the process is safe and enables doctors to identify problems and diagnosis diseases. Unfortunately, though, some patients who undergo MRIs experience a reaction to the contrast dye used in the procedure. These dyes contain a substance called gadolinium which can produce an allergic reaction that can lead to severe and disabling injuries.

In one recent lawsuit, a Louisiana woman filed a claim against GE Healthcare, Bayer, Tyco Healthcare, and other defendants after an allergic reaction to a gadolinium dye injection during CT and MRI scans caused her “disabling and disfiguring injuries.”

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