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Tyson Foods Frozen Chicken Strips Recall – Metal Contamination

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Tyson Foods Frozen Chicken Strips Recall – Metal Contamination

A recent recall of Tyson Foods frozen chicken strips has been expanded to include nearly 12 million pounds of ready-to-eat meat. According to federal food safety officials, the chicken strips are contaminated with metal pieces. The recall originally affected only 69,000 pounds of meat when it was issued in March.

The recall expansion came after three people reported pieces of metal in their chicken caused them to suffer mouth injuries.

Now, the recall affects chicken produced from October through March 8th and that feature “use by” dates ranging from October 1, 2019 through March 7, 2020, with an establishment number of “P-7221.”

This includes Tyson brand name products such as:

  • Tyson fully cooked crispy chicken strips (25 oz. and 40 oz. bags)
  • Tyson fully cooked Buffalo-style chicken strips (25 oz. and 40 oz. bags)
  • Tyson fully cooked honey BBQ flavored chicken strips (25 oz. bags)

As well as off- or store-brand products, including:

  • Best Choice Buffalo-style chicken strips (20 oz. bags)
  • Great Value fully cooked chicken strips (25 oz. bags)
  • Food Lion crispy chicken strips (25 oz. bags)

Extraneous Materials Found in Frozen Chicken Products

According to the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), the problem was originally discovered after two consumers filed complaints about “extraneous materials” in the chicken strips they’d purchased. The agency has since received additional complaints that specifically state metal fragments were found in the chicken. Three of those complaints included reports of mouth injuries.

A news release issued by the FSIS related concern that consumers have the affected products in their freezers. Tyson and the group are encouraging consumers to discard the chicken products that might be affected or return the products to the stores from which they purchased them for a refund. They are urging consumers to not eat the products.

Tyson issued a contact number (866-886-8456) for consumers that have questions about their chicken products or the recall.

Tyson Issues Earlier Recall in 2019 for Rubber Contamination; Faces Ongoing Accusations of Price-fixing

The metal recall comes just months after Tyson issued a recall for more than 36,000 pounds of chicken nuggets that reportedly contained rubber fragments. That same month another chicken products manufacturer, Perdue, issued its own recall after wood was found in its chicken nuggets.

In addition to the recalls, Tyson faces accusations of “artificially raising prices” in another lawsuit. That lawsuit was filed by Darden Restaurants, owner of the Olive Garden Italian restaurant and other chains throughout the United States, and alleges claims of price-fixing. Already one of the other defendants named in the case has agreed to pay $2.25 million to settle claims of this conspiracy in a class action lawsuit. Furthermore, the Florida Attorney General’s office is investigating the industry for anti-competitive practices.

The legal trouble for Tyson and the most recent recall comes less than five years after the company faced accusations of animal cruelty from a group claiming to have secretly recorded workers at Tyson Foods “punching, throwing, and pulling the heads off of live broiler chickens” at its plant in Mississippi.

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