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Valspar Exterior Paint Problems

If you’ve recently painted your home’s exterior and the paint seemed defective, you could be eligible for compensation. Homeowners who painted their homes using Valspar Exterior Paint on the vinyl siding of their home who experienced warping, discoloration, and bubbling are taking legal action against the company because the defective product damaged their homes.

Class action efforts are underway to recover compensation for the losses of the homeowners who used this product.

How Do You Know Your Valspar Exterior Paint Caused Problems?

Valspar offers a lifetime warranty on its paint, but unfortunately, in the case of its exterior paint product, there was actual damage done to the existing vinyl siding on the home.

Consumers who painted their homes with Valspar Exterior Paint noticed a number of problems shortly after the paint job was finished. Issues included:

  • Bubbling
  • Peeling
  • Expansion
  • Buckling and warping of the vinyl siding

Valspar has not yet recalled its exterior paint product, but it might still be possible for homeowners to receive compensation for their losses. The replacement of vinyl siding is expensive and in many cases, homeowners will not only want to make the repairs, but they will also be required to do so by their local municipality.


If you purchased defective Valspar Exterior Paint, you could be eligible to recoup the cost of the paint and the cost of repairs through participation in a class action lawsuit.

Homeowners who purchased Valspar Exterior paint should document with photographs all instances of bubbling, peeling, warping, and buckling prior to correcting the problem. It’s also important to hold onto your proof of purchase of the paint. These things could be used as evidence and will prove you purchased the product and are due compensation.

The Valspar line of exterior paints includes several different options, all of which claim to be safe for vinyl siding. These paints include:

  • Valspar Reserve Exterior
  • Valspar Duramax
  • Valspar The Perfect White
  • Valspar Storm Coat

If you purchased any of the above-listed exterior paints, you could be eligible for compensation.

Paint and Vinyl Siding

In many cases, vinyl siding will not need to be painted. However, as siding ages, some homeowners choose to add a coat of paint to restore the fresh, new look they originally had when the siding was installed.

To effectively paint vinyl siding, you must use a certain paint product that contains acrylic and urethane resins which are capable of accommodating the expansion and contraction of the vinyl.

Despite Valspar’s claims its exterior paint is safe to use on vinyl siding, the product does not actually contain urethane resin. It markets the product as not “cracking or peeling” and claims it is flexible enough for siding. Unfortunately, these claims have proven to be false and many homeowners have found the product actually damaged their siding and caused a need for expensive repairs.

Defective Exterior Paint Causes Expensive Damages

Vinyl siding is designed to last for decades, but if damaged, will need repair immediately because it can affect a home’s insulation. Repairing vinyl siding is expensive and can cost several thousands of dollars for an average size home. There is also an additional cost for removing the old, damaged siding. Some homeowners who reported problems with Valspar’s exterior paint to claim the repairs to correct the problem cost them close to $10,000.


Valspar is not the only paint company facing claims. Homeowners who painted the exterior of their homes with paint manufactured by Sherwin Williams have made similar claims.

If your home has been damaged because of Valspar Exterior Paint, you could be eligible for compensation for the cost of repair and/or replacement.

Every case is different. If you believe you could be entitled to compensation after using defective exterior paint, contact an attorney.

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